How to Contact Tango Tek: Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, Whatsapp, Mailing Address

Tango Tek: 8 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Autograph Request, Social media profiles)

Tango Tek: Ways to Contact or Text Tango Tek (Phone Number, Email, Fanmail address, Mailing Address, and Autograph Address) in 2022- If you’re looking for Tango Tek 2022’s contact information, such as his phone number, contact information, WhatsApp number, or social media profiles, you’ve come to the right place.

Tango Tek Bio and Career:

He or she who goes by the name TangoTek is an active Hermit who joined the server seriously toward the end of Season 2. As a game developer, he is well-known on the Hermitcraft server for his work on games like Decked Out, Among Us, Boombox, and The Tangler. Outside of Hermitcraft, he is well-known among Minecraft players for his innovative industrial iron farm concepts, such as the Iron Foundry and the Iron Titan.

His work also includes the Tektopia villager mod. Along with ImpulseSV and ZedaphPlays, he makes up the third member of Team ZIT. In the millions, people have signed up to use TangoTek. On his second channel, Tango Tek2, he broadcasts live. His most-watched video is “What If Minecraft Has MUCH Better Villagers,” which imagines a world where players have access to significantly more advanced villagers.

Before being officially accepted in November 2013, TangoTek was whitelisted for a day to help MumboJumbo fix a problem with his Iron Foundry (the server’s community iron farm). Once the issue was resolved, his name was taken off the server’s whitelist. After being officially invited to the server later in the season with xBCrafted, TangoTek published his first episode on July 24, 2014.

They were the last people to join the server before it was reset. Considering how late in Season 2 TangoTek was whitelisted, they could only upload a select few episodes. Using optical illusion, he made it look like a nether portal was located inside a mountain in New Hermiton. In the same area’s marshland, he also established a farm for twin witches. He and Xisumavoid blew up a ravine in Season 2’s climactic episode by combining gunpowder from TangoTek’s newly constructed witch farms with sand from Xisumavoid’s Wasteland’s territorial cleanup.

For his first base of the season, TangoTek built a tower in the Hermit Hills, themed after the underworld. TangoTek later extended this base deeper inside the mountain, creating his own personal storage facility. The Zueljin adorned the inside of this outpost. An Iron Titan was constructed by TangoTek in the spawn pieces early in the season to serve as the Hermits’ communal iron farm.

Iron from the farm and ender pearls from the End were transported to Little Rusty’s shop in Hermit Hills on a water stream. TangoTek has done a lot of good this season for the Hermitcraft community, and one of the most notable things they’ve done is launch Hermit Thrills, the first minigames district on the server. Many of the games in Hermit Thrills, including the original Boombox, Climb Time, and RUSE, were developed by TangoTek himself.

It was constructed within a somewhat level valley. They built a quad witch farm with the help of Xisumavoid, ImpulseSV, and MumboJumbo. The most remarkable portal was the one leading to the witch farm, which consisted of a haunted house and a garden built entirely in the underworld. TangoTek, one of Docm77’s rivals in the kill rivalry, set up a comprehensive treasure hunt for EthosLab at Docm77’s jungle outpost.

The two of them started working on their underground megabase by the end of the season. This task was never completed before the season ended because of fatigue and a focus shift to other games. One of the last things he and ImpulseSV did together was work on the Halloween island project with FalseSymmetry.

Tango Tek Profile-

  1. Known By Name– Tango Tek
  2. Zodiac Sign- Aries
  3. Date of Birth–  16
  4. Birth Place– United States
  5. Age -NA
  6. Nickname– Tango Tek
  7. Parents– Father: NA, Mother: NA
  8. Sibling– NA
  9. Height-6″3′
  10. Profession– Youtube Star


He has not received any awards to date. Furthermore, we don’t know much about his previous accomplishments. However, we anticipate him winning a number of awards in the near future as a result of his exceptional talent.

Tango Tek Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Social Profiles:

They built a spooky house full of named mobs and a mausoleum with an armour stand jumpscare. At the end of Season 3, TangoTek went dormant for a spell, but they eventually made their way back to Hermitcraft for Season 4. He built his castle-like beginning base (named “Tango’s Keep”) in the Blue District of the mesa and started the season by constructing a mob grinder based around a triple spawner.

After joining the mob delivery service D.E.R.P (Dangerous Entity Relocation Professionals), TangoTek frequently collaborated with ImpulseSV. D.E.R.P.’s main office was located in a giant diorite skull built close to the shopping district. During broadcasts, they transported ghouls, wolves, villager zombies, and other named creatures to their designated locations all across the mesa for delivery requests or as pranks on other Hermits.

Furthermore, they worked together on the Ghastipede, a nether mob farm that used ghasts in minecarts to clear adversaries off a spawning platform.

He built the Iron Titan, but instead of giving the iron to hermits, he decided to sell it. Among the various establishments were a fireworks shop (called RocketeTek) and a magic shop (Tek Tonics). He was a co-owner of a shulker box–inspired bank alongside Cubfan135.

Matt Bennett contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
Phone NumberNA
House address (residence address)United States
Official Website
Snapchat Id
Whatsapp No.NA
Google PlusNA
TicTok Id
Email Address
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

Ways to Contact Tango Tek:

1. Facebook Page Contact: NA

Tango Tek has a Facebook page where he shares his photos and videos. The above-mentioned link will take you to his page. It has been reviewed, and we can confirm that it is a 100% accurate Tango Tek profile. You can follow him on Facebook, which you can find by clicking the link above.

2. Youtube Channel Contact: @Tango Tek

Tango Tek had his own YouTube channel, where he posted his music videos for his fans to enjoy. He has also amassed a million subscribers and lots of views. Anyone interested in seeing his uploads and videos can use the account name link provided above.

3. Insta Profile:@Tango Tek

Tango Tek also has an Instagram account, where he has over a million followers and receives approximately 100k likes per post. If you want to see his most recent Instagram photos, click on the link above.

4. Twitter:@Tango Tek

Tango Tek started a Twitter account and has a large number of followers. If you want to tweet about it, go to the link above. We’ve provided his Twitter handle above, and we’ve verified and authenticated it. If you’d like to contact him via Twitter, click the link above.

5. Phone number: NA

Many phone numbers in the name of Tango Tek have been leaked on Google and the internet, but none of them work when we checked them. However, we will update this page once we have the exact number.

6. Fan Mail Address :

Tango Tek,
United States

7. Email id: NA

8. Website URL: NA

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