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Lance Ashton Thirtyacre (born September 23, 1993 age 28hroughout h1, Lance has been a great help to Logan. Logan suffered from a condition known as superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMAS).patients are unable to eat without becoming ill. The condition can sometimes be fatal. Logan, fortunately, underwent surgery in 2012 to correct the problem. Although he is doing much better than he was before, he says he still has a long way to go before he is completely healed. Logan Thirtyacre:

Camille Two Years Ago The internet and video games were once thought to be a huge waste of time. Those days, however, are long gone. A person can make a successful career out of either of those things if they play their cards correctly. If someone is capable of doing both, the sky is truly the limit. Logan Thirtyacre’s meteoric rise to internet celebrity is the ultimate proof. The popular YouTuber became famous for his video game-themed videos and his character, Jeffy. On the platform, he now has over 3 million subscribers. Continue reading to learn 10 facts about Logan Thirtyacre. 1. His Brother Is A YouTuber As Well Clearly, creating engaging content runs in the Thirtyacre family.

Lance, Logan’s brother, is also a successful YouTubLogan’s auction proceeds will go to organisations such as Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, and No Kid Hungry to help them cope with the pandemic. It is clear that creating engaging content runs in the Thirtyacre family. Lance, Logan’s brother, is also a successful YouTuber. Lance’s channel has 848,000 subscribers, and he uploads puppet-style videos similar to his brother’s on a regular basis.

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Developing ideas for potential new characters for the series He was previously the owner of 19Lance93 and CountryGirlOnCrack. Lance Thirtyacre is now the owner of his own vlog channel. The majority of his videos feature him answering fan questions or receiving fan mail. Lance Ashton Thirtyacre was born on September 23, 1993, in Pensacola, Florida, to Kelly Thirtyacre and Jennifer Grant.

He is a year Logan’s senior. When Kelly’s mother divorced him due to financial reasons, she met a new man named Brian. Brian introduced Logan and Lance to Mario, for which they are grateful. Trivia Lance, like Logan, is of Irish ancestry. This is due to the fact that their biological father, Kelly, is of Irish descent. Lance fractured his younger brother Logan’s skull with a baseball bat when Logan was three years old.

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Lance Thirtyacre Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, Fanmail Address, and Biography

House Address: Pensacola, Florida

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About (Lance Thirtyacre – Biography)

ogan may be able to film a few scenes there. According to Logan and Lance, someone hacked and deleted Lance’s old Instagram account (Old Username: @lance thirtyacre), erasing all of Lance’s posts. Lance eventually created a new Instagram account. Despite his YouTube success, Lance has been studying to become a doctor. Lance is the cast’s senior member (age 27). Lance has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science.

In his Meet The Cast video, he revealed that he has an associate degree in nursing as well as a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. Lance began dating Audrey, a nurse who is pursuing the same studies as Lance, in early June 2017. Lance’s height is revealed in Meet the Cast, where he is 6’2″. He is ambidextrous, as evidenced by his appearances in Jeffy Gets Bullied! and Playtime 5 BTS.

For a while, it was unclear why Lance had stopped appearing in Chilly’s vlogs. chilly adjudication Dab’s userame for whatever reason reFlorida. He is a year Logan’s senior. Kelly met a new man named Brian Grant after his mother divorced him due to financial issues and his imbalance in work and marriage. Logan and Lance were introduced to Mario by Brian, and they are grateful to him to this day, despite the fact that he cannot pronounce or correct Dabhdude’s name correctly. nowadays.


Logan advises Lance not to talk to Dabhdude, not to mention him, and even not to trust him. But he can crack jokes, have shots fired at him in other sml videos, such as Cody’s Amiibo video, or refer to him as a shoutout or subscribe or unsubscribe to dabhdude’s channel).Interview (occasionally. Not always, but he is well-known as Logan. Those who are familiar with Logan e are aware that he is well-known for his video blogs, challenge videos, sketches, and other works. Lance Ashton Thirtyacre (SML) is a YouTuber, puppeteer, actor, and voice actor from the United States.

On his YouTube channel SML, he is known for making comedic videos. He’s Logan Thirtyacre’s older brother and business partner. Lance has been a huge help to Logan throughout his career, from coming up with video ideas to introducing plans for potentially new characters to the series

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