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Biannca born February 18, 1992 age 29 and (born February 18, 1992  met while working at a Little Caesars Pizza in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They’ve relocated to Texas for the time being. Damien revealed in a video titled “End of D&B Nation” that he had dated over 20 girls before meeting her because he thought something was lacking in his love life, and that after meeting her, he felt like his wants and needs had been met. Almost immediately, they started dating. They ran into financial difficulties later in their relationship and were forced to move out of their apartment and into a motel with their first kid, Damien Antwon Prince Jr., or DJ born February 9, 2015.

Raines also had to ask her mother to feed them because their lack of income caused them to go hungry. Furthermore, Damien’s only automobile was towed away, forcing the couple to find less convenient methods to go to their pizza job, and subsequently other employment, in order to supplement their income. Damien finally decided to launch a YouTube channel in order to make more money and entertain people all over the world, and he enlisted the help of Biannca. On March 11th, 2016, the D&B Nation channel became a reality.

Beginning My YouTube Career D&B Nation began as a channel where Damien and Biannca would react to amusing videos on the internet that were either recommended by their fans or discovered by them. They’d rapidly become one of YouTube’s most popular channels, with between 20,000 and 25,000 daily subscribers.D&B Nation was originally known as “Couple Reacts,” but owing to popular fan demand, they rebranded their channel to “D&B Nation” in July 2016 after expanding their material by conducting vlogs, live broadcasts on occasion, and taunting and pranking each other. In addition, they included films of their friends and relatives.

D&B Nation would appoint a manager to help the channel produce strong content while remaining relevant on YouTube’s platform, as their channel’s popularity is fast increasing. Robbery An attacker broke into their home in November 2016, a week after their channel had hit 1 million subscribers, robbing them and hacking their channel. D&B Nation, on the other hand, would reclaim their channel and possessions over time. Kyrie Prince’s Engagement & Birth Damien proposed to Biannca a few weeks later at their baby shower for their second child, Kyrie Denail Prince, who was due any day now. On December 11th, 2016, Kyrie was born. Marriage Breakup

The relationship between Damien and Biannca took a turn in early 2017. Biannca had made a video explaining why she was dating Damien and had posted it to her YouTube channel. She claimed in the video that she was dating Damien due of his sex urge. She went on to claim that she admired his attitude and how he inspired him and her to achieve their goals, but Damien’s sex drive seemed to play a significant role. Damien had decided to play a practical joke on her by making him jealous of Biannca’s sexual skills while she was with him. The couple would quarrel about the fact that Biannca did not like Damien just because of their sexual history.

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If Damien had ever been immobilised from the waist down, Bianca insisted on forcing him to use sex toys on her. Damien ultimately revealed it was a prank about 20 minutes into the video. Biannca, on the other hand, informed Damien that she no longer desired to be in a relationship with him. Damien consistently put his YouTube requirements before of hers, she said, and their relationship was suffering as a result of his incessant camera time. Despite Damien’s best efforts, Bianca removed her engagement ring and walked out of the house. After that, the video abruptly came to a close. The next day,

Damien informed that Biannca had left with the children and had not been heard from since. He then went on to discuss their relationship’s history and how he felt about her at the time she left. Damien was teary-eyed as he contemplated the idea of their family dissolving. Biannca would then post a video of herself and her kids in a motel room a few days later. She indicated that she wanted to remain with Damien but that she needed some time away from the camera and him since she feared that their relationship and her mental condition were being destroyed by him and frequent camera time. She adds in the video that she is going to see Damien to discuss the matter and come up with a solution.

Her vlog also shows her applying make-up and getting ready for her appointment with Damien, as well as the kids. Damien revealed in a second video that Biannca had finally texted her on her birthday regarding what Damien would offer her. Damien dressed up and exited his residence, thrilled.

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Biannca Prince  Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, Fanmail Address, and Biography

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About (Biannca Prince – Biography)

She then abandoned her education and relocated to Texas to begin her professional career. She’s been fascinated by sin since she was a child. She began uploading amusing pranks and vlogging videos, and she is the wife of well-known YouTuber Damien Prince. Sheesh,

I Miss Her, Now We Up, and other music videos have made her quite successful. Charles Raines is Biannca’s father, and he is a successful businessman. Jennifer Raines is her mother’s name, and she is a housewife. She has six siblings as well. Alexis Raines, Chanelle Raines, Christian Raines, and the other three siblings’ names are Alexis Raines, Chanelle Raines, Christian Raines, and the other three siblings’ names are Alexis Raines, Chanelle Raines, Christian Raines, Damien Prince, a YouTube sensation by trade, is her husband. For the first time, the couple met at the restaurant. They got engaged on November 20, 2016, and married on March 18, 2017.

DJ Prince and Kyrie Prince are her sons, and Nova Grace Prince and Ayla Faith are her daughters. Find Her On InstaPrince is also a well-known model who has worked for a number of well-known fashion brands, like Fashion Nova and others. challenge videos on her YouTube account and has amassed a large following.


Julia has also started a YouTube channel called “Juliaxsummer,” which Lance has assisted her with. Accidental Fruit Ninja Lance damaged his hand while playing Real Life Fruit Ninja in August 2016. Several fingers were amputated, including one that was almost fully severed. He had to have surgery after receiving 12 stitches. Controversy Lance Stewart has always been a source of controversy due to his clickbait, usually appearing on DramaAlert and dubbed the “Clickbait King.” Lance Stewart was called out by h3h3Productions and MarcusDibbleComedy as a result of this. Lance was never given the opportunity to respond to the videos.

He has two YouTube channels: one for prank films and another for vlogging. In February of 2014, both channels were turned on.n Vine videos and Snapchat stories, he frequently includes his grandmother. As Lance210, he has made Vines alongside Brandon Bowen, Marcus Johns, Amanda Cerny, and many other notable Viners. His Vine channel has nearly 5.7 million subscribers. One of his earliest viral Vines,

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