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SSSniperWolf (Alia Shelesh) is a YouTube personality and social media celebrity from the United States. She showed an early interest in gaming. The tale behind her first gaming system is rather amusing. A Sony PlayStation was purchased by her father in order to keep her and her brother from fighting, according to her biography. After she became an adept gamer, she founded the YouTube channel SSSniperWolf, which quickly garnered massive fame. Her gaming moniker is drawn from the popular video game Metal Gear Solid. SSSniperWolf specializes in both gameplay and reaction videos for Call of Duty.

She has over 5.1 million followers on Instagram, in addition to the 27.5 million followers on her YouTube channel. SSSniperWolf’s YouTube channel became a tremendous hit with young gamers, and Alia Shelesh gained massive popularity as a result of her burgeoning social media renown. SSSniperWolf has a subscriber base of about 27.5 million. Her additional social media platforms have also proven to be extremely successful. Over 5 million people follow her on Instagram, and she has a big fan base on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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Following the popularity of her first YouTube channel, SSSniperWolf launched a second channel, Little Lia. The channel specializes in DIY video tips for her subscribers. This channel, which has over 3.4 million members, offers advice on topics relevant to women, such as home products, soft toys, crafts, and cuisine. Alia stated that she has been interested in crafts and video games since she was a child and that she wanted to turn her hobby into a lucrative business opportunity. The second channel was also a hit, making her a household favorite. With the success of her second channel, she has developed into a genuine internet celebrity.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of SSSniperWolf in comparison to other YouTube-based players is her extremely attractive figure. She flaunts her enviable figure and adorns herself in eye-catching costumes that appeal to her young admirers. Additionally, SSSniperWolf is said to be in excellent health for a woman her age. According to her own admission, she went more than ten years without seeing a doctor! Another reason she is unique is that she possesses a variety of abilities. Apart from being an exceptional gamer, SSSniperWolf is an exceptional hula hooper. She skillfully employs these abilities in her films in order to increase the number of viewers. SSSniperWolf’s career has been marred by controversy.

In January 2016, a controversy emerged after a website named ‘Drama Alert’ published a news item suggesting that SSSniperWolf’s true business was uploading erotic films to a different YouTube channel called’sexysexysniper’. According to the post, the channel contains sexual and racist information aimed at humiliating other gamers. In response to the website’s charges, SSSniperWolf did neither confirm nor deny them, keeping her supporters in the dark about the truth. SSSniperWolf had an on-again, off-again relationship with another YouTube star named Evan Sausage throughout his time on the channel.

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Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Liverpool, United Kingdom

SSSniperWolf Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, Fanmail Address, and Biography

House Address: Liverpool, United Kingdom

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About (SSSniperWolf– Biography)

SSSniperWolf was born in England to a traditional family. Alisa Shelesh is her true name. When she was six years old, her family relocated to America. She began her social media career in the United States of America. She began playing video games at the age of six. Since then, she’s been steadily honing her gaming talents through practice on current game consoles such as the PlayStation. Her parents have also pushed her to succeed in gaming. Despite the fact that she did not attend college, SSSniperWolf began attending a local community college during the height of her career. However, she was forced to abandon her degree since she was unable to balance her schooling and employment. SSSniperWolf is the brother of two brothers and the sister of one. SSSniperWolf adores animals.

Kaz and Tuna are her two dogs. Additionally, SSSniperWolf appeared on an episode of Fear Factor (Thrill Seeker Throwdown). Alia was born in the United Kingdom to an immigrant family. Her parents spoke Arabic to her and her siblings. Bakir Shelesh, Ranya Shelesh, and Paul Shelesh are her siblings. Evan John Young, her boyfriend, and she are not engaged. She responded that she had no intention of becoming pregnant anytime soon. She is great friends with Greta and DigitalNex.

She is also acquainted with Vy, DigitalNex’s (Chris) girlfriend. Additionally, she is pals with Dang Matt Smith, Ricegum, Lilly Singh, and FaZe Rug. Throughout her career, she’s made friends with various cosplayers, fellow gamers, and anime fans. She mentioned in a video that she didn’t have many YouTuber friends due to her shyness and fear of drama. She is embroiled in a heated feud with AzzyLand and a more amicable one with PewDiePie. Alia is a confident and bubbly individual. She has an innate ability to use comedy effectively in order to make her videos enjoyable. In her videos, she can be quite snarky and relatable. She is an introverted individual.


She stopped swearing in her videos when YouTube’s Community Guidelines demonetized some of them, but she continues to swear in her Instagram Stories. Alia is also a night owl; she prefers to make her videos and play video games at night. Alia launched her second YouTube channel, Little Lia, in June 2014, focusing on arts and crafts, baking, hauls, challenges, and cosmetic lessons.

She began posting “Trying Life Hacks” films, which quickly garnered popularity on their own. Alia opened out about why she wasn’t as active on this channel in June 2021. She indicated that maintaining a daily publishing schedule on a single channel (SSSniperWolf) was hard enough, though she did guarantee a video in the near future.

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