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Two Quackity got the name “Quackity” from a ToonTown name generator. Alexis “Alex,” better known online as Quackity (formerly QuackityHQ), is a popular YouTuber. He claimed that the name was chosen for him by his brother. He is currently pursuing a law degree.  Quackity was previously known for his videos of the now-defunct game Toontown Online and its sequel, Toontown Rewritten. Despite the fact that he no longer plays the game, one of his former profile pictures is reminiscent of his character in the game. Around the middle of 2019, he changed it to a photo of himself

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Quackity has a Discord Server with over 400,000 members, where he occasionally hosts competitions such as Discord’s Got Talent, Discord’s PhotoShop Hunger Games, and others. SMP aspiration Quackity joined the DreamSMP in August 2020 after TommyInnit suggested that he be added to the server; he has played an important role in the server, primarily by running for the presidency of L’Manberg. He formed his own political party, #SWAG2020 (so we are gamers), along with his running mate GeorgeNotFound, and they competed against Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit’s political party, #POG2020 (politicians of gaming). They later held a presidential debate. Following that, Fundy and Nihachu created their own party, #COCONUT2020, and Jschlatt created his own, #SCHLATT2020. On election day, #COCONUT2020 received 9% of the votes, #SCHLATT2020 received 16% of the votes, #SWAG2020 received 30% of the votes, and #POG2020 received 45% of the votes; however, #SWAG2020 made an agreement with #SCHLATT2020 to pool their votes regardless, and formed a coalition government. Finally, #SWAG2020 and #SCHLATT2020 received 46 percent of the votes. Quackity was then appointed Vice President, with the “fattest ass in the cabinet.” He joined Pogtopia after being mistreated by Schlatt for not listening to his opinions. This wiki page contains more information about his involvement with the server. Controversies

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United States

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United States

Quackity   Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, Fanmail Address, and Biography

House Address:  U.S.

Phone Number: Not Available

Email Id: Not Available

Office Address: Not Available

Fax Number: Not Available

Telephone Number: Not Available

Booking Agent Number: Not Available

Manager/Secretary Number: Not Available

Website: Not Available

Social Media Contact Accounts of Popular Star Quackity :

Social Media profiles of stars are literally the best way to make use of sending online messages over the internet. Send a message with the help of social profiles Direct message option to his addresses listed below:

  • Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/quackity/
  • Twitter ID: https://twitter.com/Quackity
  • YouTube Address: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_8NknAFiyhOUaZqHR3lq3Q
  • TikTok Id: NA

About (Quackity  – Biography)

When Raid’s third hashtag, #duckYOUAnimalJam, began trending globally, he was able to have his account IP unbanned. Unlike previous raids, he told his viewers not to raid the Animal Jam admins’ Discord server because it was against their wishes, rather than letting his viewers or himself go too far as in previous raids when they would also raid forums. Discord has banned you. Alex reported that his account logged out on its own on December 31, 2018, while on the phone with friends Kwite and Aksually, and he was unable to log back in. He didn’t make a public statement until January 13, and two days later, he uploaded the video

“I GOT BANNED FROM DISCORD.” In it, he shares excerpts from an email conversation he had with a member of Discord’s moderation team. According to the screenshots, the ban was imposed following “multiple reports” from Discord users for “violating” Discord’s Community Guidelines. At the end of the video, he requested that his account be unbanned, that he receive a professional response to his emails requesting server ownership transfer, and that the Trust & Safety Team be reviewed. He encouraged his followers to use the Twitter hashtag #DiscordUnbanQuackity, which briefly trended worldwide in second place, just below #Brexit.

It’s also become a running meme that he claims it’s his birthday every day, with “Happy Birthday Quackity” trending more than five times this year alone. Quackity has appeared on Love or Host twice. Sunflower won and chose love on March 12, 2020, which was his first His second one was on November 28, 2020, and Minx won and chose love as well. Quackity frequently consults the Dream Team Wi During a stream, he has also used the wiki to check the number of canon lives he and other members have left.  He has taken part in five MC Championships. MCC 15 was his first MCC, which he won with Dream,

Sapna, and Michaelmcchill. Tiger is the name of his cat. He is bilingual (Spanish and English). Quackity has the most deaths on the Dream SMP, with over 600 in total. [ In addition, Quackity has the most different skins on the server. Quackity was a member of the SMPEarth team. On the SMP, he founded the Pen Island faction in Mexico. Quackity frequently engages in random games with other Dream SMP members. He’s played Roblox with people like BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound

TommyInnit, Dream, Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, and Technoblade. As a joke, Quackity made a diss track on Dream with George and BadBoyHalo. Skeppy and Quackity were discovered by the same titch streamer, who is known for creating a wide range of content such as Discord talent shows and raids on popular games such as Roblox, Habbo, and Club Penguin. In August 2020, he joined the Dream SMP after TommyInnit suggested that he be whitelisted on the server.

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