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Arcade Craniacs(Youtuber)

Edward Centeno is a well-known YouTube celebrity who was born on January 27, 1992, in the United States. A YouTube celebrity from the United States who founded the Craniacs and has over 650,000 subscribers on his website. His YouTube channel is primarily comprised of arcade-related videos. According to astrologers, Edward’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. In the same vein as Lyssy Noel, he is a successful YouTuber who focuses on arcade games.

Arcade Craniacs Phone Number, Email Address, House Address, and Biography

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  • Email: NA

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About (Arcade Craniacs– Biography)

Centeno was hit in the face with a metal baton by a stranger in January 2017, necessitating surgery. Centeno was left unhappy and unmotivated as a result of this occurrence. Centeno created a GoFundMe campaign to cover the cost of his injuries. Following that, he plunged into a YouTube rabbit hole of arcade games and claw machines. He realised that the creators of the videos were targeting a PG-13 audience, which inspired him to launch his own arcade channel, however, geared more toward adults.

Centeno and his girlfriend Nikki founded the YouTube channel Arcade Craniacs, which soon garnered attention owing to its uniqueness in comparison to other channels. Due to the arcade community’s tiny size, we immediately established ourselves as unique by tailoring our film to adults who enjoyed claw machines and arcade videos.” There were speculations on Twitter one day in July 2020 about Chuck. E. Cheese went bankrupt due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Centeno has always been an ardent supporter of Chuck E. Cheeses. So much so that his relatives gave him the moniker “Chucky.”

Centeno informed Nikki about the rumours, and the two subsequently collaborated on a couple of Chuck E. Cheese movies that were uploaded to Nikki’s own YouTube page. They noticed a significant increase in views on her channel, which prompted them to create a Chuck E. Cheese video for the Arcade Craniacs channel, which ended up being the catalyst for the change to their present programming. The Coronavirus epidemic had a significant impact on the channel’s views since Centeno and his girlfriend was unable to attend carnivals due to their closure.

As a result, they were unable to deliver the stuff they promised their viewers. The Arcade Craniacs channel then shifted to the iconic “3 AM” videos that had been trending on YouTube since 2017, albeit in order to distance themselves from the original arcade videos, they once again marketed their new content to adults. Their videos are primarily sardonic and satirical in nature, which has proven successful as the channel has gone viral due to their “out of context” footage. Edward’s earliest films focused on how to win carnival and arcade games by filming himself playing them and demonstrating how to win.

Numerous of them are centred on Disneyland games. The majority of his videos featured him and Nikki testing out various arcade machines across the country, but it wasn’t until July 18, 2020, that he released his first 3 AM video, which would eventually eclipse all other content on his channel. Though he said it was about Chuck E Cheese, he has also claimed to have spoken to Pennywise, Elmo, and the Chucky doll. Many assumed the channel’s programming was significantly ironic or satirical, which was eventually proven.

He remained relatively unknown until penguinz0 responded to one of his videos, mocking it sarcastically for its absurdity and resemblance to ImJayStation. Penguinz0’s video prompted more people to react to Arcade Craniacs, bolstering the original video’s popularity. – She Cried “. Edward and Nikki have encountered a variety of supernatural entities, the majority of which they summon. They are, thus far. The Impostor contacted Edward around 3 a.m. as he was watching the film Among Us, yet he may also be summoned via an Ouija board.

He enjoys watching YouTubers’ “cancelled” apologies, such as those of David Dobrik and James Charles. He may be gay/bisexual, as he and Edward were once romantically involved, albeit they eventually split up in a video. After being dumped, he became violent. Although Edward had an affair behind Nikki’s back, it is indicated that she had one as well. Edward and Nikki previously used a drone to spy on him. John Koo is a vinyl figure based on BTS’s Jungkook. He was a toy that Edward received with his McDonald’s BTS meal.

Though he appears to be a plastic doll, he is actually capable of communication (assuming that delusions are not a side effect of the BTS potion), as when Edward drinks the BTS potion at 3 AM and is brainwashed into becoming a BTS stan, he begins giving Edward instructions on how to take over the world and force everyone to join the BTS army. Edward and Nikki are both drawn to John Koo, as Edward stated in his debut video that he is the most handsome BTS member, while Nikki stated that he had the greatest buttocks of all the BTS members.

Additionally, she keeps several photographs of him in her room. He also has six identical twins named John Koo and another identical twin named Brian. Elmo has possessed Edward multiple times. Usually, while controlling him, Elmo will begin chanting “LA-LA-LA-LA! LA-LA-LA-LA! ELMO’S WORLD! Edward once sliced apart an Elmo plush he purchased on the dark web, prompting Elmo to attack him. Additionally, he has a counterpart known as elmo.exe.

Barney the dinosaur has committed various heinous acts against Edward, including kidnapping Nikki and stealing/crashing his automobile. He has been holding a grudge against Edward since he attempted to summon him as a pet (by playing the Barney theme song at 3 a.m.). Edward, on the other hand, has described Barney as “cool” and indicated a wish to wash with him following their initial encounter.

Edward and Nicole purchased a Chucky doll on the dark web and then sliced him open at 3 a.m. Edward frequently uses a drone to spy on Chuck E Cheese and once caught Nicole cheating on him (however the video also implies that Edrwad cheated with him). In another video, Edward captured Chucky and other animatronics reviving about 3 a.m. Though he first greeted him and Nikki with a kind gesture, he later charged at the drone and attacked it. Chucky also attacked them both while they searched the arcade for five missing children.

The Guards are a group of Squid Game employees. Edward and Midnight Howl called them at 3 a.m. to invite them to the squid game, which offered a $20 million dollar jackpot. They were escorted to a location where they may play “The Floor is Lava.” Edward made a friend of the third player, “Bald Guy,” while he was there. Midnight Howl, on the other hand, shoved Bald Guy during the game, prompting the workers to kill him.

Edward avenged himself by doing the same thing to Howl. When Edward won, he discovered two of the workers having an affair. They came to a screeching halt when Edward recognised them and handed him the money. Then a third worker approached them, and they formed a trio. They invited Edward to join, but he was rejected. After he declined, a guard brandished a rifle at him, and Edward fled with the money.

Arcade Craniacs Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Biography:

Arcade Craniacs WhatsApp Contact Details: NA

Arcade Craniacs Address: United States

Arcade Craniacs Phone Number: NA

Arcade Craniacs Office address: NA

Arcade Craniacs Email Id: NA

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